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So... Why did I need a new web site? Several reasons come to mind, and each one of them was enough... Let's have a look:

- First, the new website will allow me to update things much more easily, be more reactive, as it is entirely dynamic. All of it's content is in a Database, and it includes online tools allowing me to add, edit and delete things on each and every page in real time.
- Second, I want it to be a demonstration of my capabilities. For years, I have been working on websites for my customers, but mine was remaining outdated. So I finally took the bull by the horns, and here we are. I will try to add more and more functions to my web site, and I'll keep this dedicated page explaining what they are, and what they do... So you can see if any of these functions is interesting for you.
- finally, I was really sick and tired of the old one :-)