WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile consulting
I am an International WinDev Consultant working with companies from all over the world. As such, I offer a wide range of services from hourly debug of your WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile code, in French or English, to long term development projects.
Need assistance in creating your requirements list? An outside eye on a stalled development project? Independent advice on a lingering problem? Help in speed optimization? I will put my vast experience and analytical capabilities to your service.

Here is what I can do for you:
- Software development
- Web site creation
- Mobile apps development
- WinDev, WebDev, Windev Mobile consulting, from hourly debug of your code, in French or English, to long term development projects, assistance, training...

How does it work? As simple as possible, of course!    
Basically, your needs will match one of the two following categories:
Long term assistance:
    - Contact me using the method of your choice (contact page) to explain your problem.
    - We'll decide together of the duration of the work, and if it can be done remotely (most of the time) or need on site attention
    - I'll submit an estimate if you want a global price for a project or we'll agree on a "price per duration" (day/week/month). My basic rate is 100 US$/hour.
    - Payment can be made via Paypal (accepts all major credit cards) or via wire. Please double check before starting a project with me that the rules and regulations in your country allow you to pay an American company.
    - When working under the "global price" schema, a down payment of 30% is customary, remaining payments being done at different steps of the project.
    - When working under the "price per duration" schema, payments are generally made in advance one period at a time.
    - Others arrangements can be made depending of the project.
Short term work:
    - This kind of work can cover (by example):
          - Debug of your code,
          - Help in the analysis phase,
          - Training on a particular point,
          - Optimization,
          - Testing/Defect analysis...
    - Once again, contact me using the method of your choice (contact page) to explain your problem and to tell me how many hours of work you need. My basic rate is 100 US$/hour.
    - I'll send you an email with a link allowing you to pay us via Paypal (accepts all major credit cards)
    - We'll decide on an appointment
    - I'll work with you for the accepted duration on the subject of your choice, either by phone, remote administration of your computer, or on a WinDev/WebDev/WinDev Mobile project you previously sent me, depending of the problem.
    - Setting up the remote administration to access your computer is complimentary. I am generally using Teamviewer to control other computers, but I can use whatever software you prefer to do so, as long as you are providing the necessary license.

And now, even easier: You can directly buy hours of consulting on this page.