WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile consulting

What do you need to know about my video courses?

A) 3 Series

One series of courses was created for WxDevCon 2007. They were previously available as complete DVDs, but times have changed and streaming is now the right way to offer them.  Of course, they will become available as streaming here only after a full revision, to make sure that nothing I said then is incorrect today. I doubt there will be a lot of correction work, as PCSoft has always been very consistent in keeping its tools compatible with their past. These courses will be marked (2007, revised 2013).
A second series was created for WxDevCon 2009. They will become available as streaming here soon, and (after revision, of course) will be marked (2009, revised 2013).
A third series has been created for WxDevCon 2013, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. These courses will become available online as soon as the real thing happens, at the end of August. They will be marked (2013).
To complicate a little the matters some of these courses were built as a progression. This means that a course may reference information contained in another one. And even some course about WebDev may rely on a WinDev course (by example, debugging in WebDev refers a lot to the general debugging course given in the WinDev section)… 

Therefore, even though I will not try and prevent you from either buying only once course or starting your lessons anywhere you want, I will strongly advise against it.
To try and alleviate the problem, I will state in each course description (ie available BEFORE you buy) when I think that some others of my courses are pre-requisites. 

B) How does it work?
The video courses are available as streaming only. They will open inside a video console, which means that you will have to allow POPUPs for my site (it's the only one, I promise). Furthermore, they are streamed using SilverLight, which means that if it is not installed on your computer yet, you will be asked to do so or eventually to upgrade it.  The videos have been tested to work fine with as little as a 512 Kb/s DSL line. At that speed you may need around 30 seconds of initial waiting time before the first image appears. 
If you are one of the unlucky ones with even less than that, please test the system with the free samples (they are part of the real videos) so that to make sure BEFORE YOU BUY that you will be able to enjoy our system.
More basically, you will be able to browse through my catalog of video courses, and put the ones that interest you in your cart (once again, please check the pre-requisites/progressions of courses carefully)... Once you've got what you want, you'll do a regular checkout experience, with entry of your information (if you are not already logged in) and payment on PayPal web site (either with a PayPal account or with any major credit card)...
Once the payment has been confirmed by PayPal, you will be able to go back in the catalog of videos and watch them from there. Of course, you will need to be logged in to do that.
Each licence bought gives right to unlimited viewings BUT only on one channel for each licence (ie you cannot have multiple developers watching the same video with the same login at the same time). It is also authorized ONLY for the people/company buying the product. You are NOT authorized to use this video as a teaching tool in a school, by example.
C) Contents
How do you describe video courses without showing them? The most important part to realize is that you will get about 20 years of experience in a bottle. I started using WinDev in version 1.5 and have never stopped since. I branched out to WebDev when it was not even called that yet (wdWeb, for those who really want to know) and added mobile later on. 
So I try to instill in my courses the reality of things in the outside world, not theory (there is a little of that too, of course, but only as a reminder that there is a structure behind the chaos). I spent the last 20 years doing real development work for real customers, using the PCSoft tools and I will tell you what worked and is still working for me and what doesn't.
I do not pretend to detain THE ULTIMATE TRUTH about anything, but what I will tell you in those courses IS working.
So these courses can be useful both for the experience developer arriving in the PCSoft world and for the beginner who is learning his way using these tools.
- When will all 3 series of courses be available?      The 3rd series should be available at the end of August 2013. The courses from the other two series will come online one by one, as soon as each course has been verified and revised if necessary. There is no established planning, but clearly the sooner the better.
- What are the plans for future courses?      Nothing has been decided yet, so feel free to contact me with any suggestion.
- Will you offer your courses in other languages than English?    I plan to test drive the french market by translating 2 or 3 courses and see what the response is.     
- When?      See question above about availability! 
- Which ones?      See question above about my plans. 
- Other languages than French?      Nope!
- I prefer the previous DVD/Expedition/Custom system. Can I still order that?     Nope! At this point we are not offering this option any more.
- Where can I find those courses?     Just put your mouse over the earth, and the menu will appear... You should see video courses (to reach this explanation page) and when you click on it, you get the different categories of courses (WinDev, WebDev, etc...)... Or you can just access the WinDev Video Courses here and the WebDev Video courses here.