WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile consulting

You can contact me using one of the following methods:

Email me at: fabrice@fabriceharari.com


(You can see that I'm not afraid to display my email address for all spammers to see. It's because I'm using google apps for domain to manage my email, and their anti-spam filter if furiously efficient).

Contact me using skype:

 or Telegram if you want more security: @fabriceharari

You can also call me:
In the US: +1-985-746-1422          
In France : +33 970 444 445 (from France 0970 444 445)


I am based in Guadeloupe (UTC-4) and I am sometimes working at customers locations anywhere around the globe... So do not worry if I do not answer the phone during YOUR working hours. Furthermore, the two phone numbers above are skype numbers. Your calls will therefore always arrive on my computer, wherever I am in the world (at worse, they will reach my voicemail).