WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile consulting

Currently, I'm pursuing two very different careers at the same time: On one side, my activity as a WinDev, WebDev and WinDev mobile consultant on the international scene sends me regularly in another part of the world, most of the time via remote control, of course, on the other I develop software, components and a whole line of video courses about PCSoft tools utilisation.

I also semi-regularly publish new articles in my Wx files where I explore aspects of the WinDev, WebDev and WinDev mobile development.

Originally doing consulting and development work in France, I extended my activities to the international market around 1998. When a presentation during the 2000 WinDeveries in Paris put me in contact with a Selltis representative, I started a long term relationship that was first long distance and ended up with me spending more than 4 years in Louisiana working on their project.

When Katrina put a halt to the project, I reactivated my contacts in the Wx community to offer my services once again.

When I was working in France, I was also very active in the WinDev community, and created the web site that was later renamed windasso.org. I became the first president of the WinDev Developer association when it was created in December 2000.

Co-author of the WinDev Development Guide (Guide du développeur WinDev), first independent book ever published on WinDev, author of software used by thousands of people around the world, I developed during my career in a lot of different languages and in even more different domains of activity.

From my first love affair with assembly language, I kept a deep understanding on how the system work, and this understanding is surprisingly useful when working even with high level tools like WinDev and Object development. Optimizing code, by example, is often going against accepted development practices to stick closer to the natural flow of instructions processing.

Cardiac rhythm surveillance tools, accounting, petroleum fields analysis, dynamic web sites, horse's races statistical analysis, CRM, virtual stock management, Video Game engine... All these things have nothing in common, except that at some point in my career I developed software that was doing precisely that.

At the time when the mono-user PC was just born, I was already developing multi-user applications on French micro hardware (yes, at the time, there was some French hardware ) able to use external terminals to offer multitasking on 8088 processors under Prologue operating systems. When networking became the norm instead of the exception, I already had years of experience in sharing data between users, and when Windows became usable instead of anecdotal, I was ready to switch to the all graphical interface without changing the deep level philosophy of my developments.

During the French years of my professional career, I did about everything there is to do, from building computers, installing and configuring networks, even help design and control electronic components, to the software analysis and development that was always at the heart of my activity. All these different experiences gave me a cross section view of today's computer world that allows me to answer questions and find answers when other people stall.

Developing the best interface is nothing if the data access below isn't optimized. Accessing data through the network, replicating it, accessing it on the web, all these solutions are valid in some circumstances and extremely bad in others. Deciding of an implementation schema is always tricky, and even if in theory it's perfectly done, real world problems soon can poke holes in about everything...

If you are caught in one of those problems and need an external eye, you now know where to find me.