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WXDevCon 2015

I'm very excited to announce that once again, I'll be joining the team of developers presenting at WXDevCon 2015, at the Hampton Inn & Suites in beautiful Amelia Island Florida the week of October 5, 2015.

For those who don't know:
- WxDevCon is a conference FOR developers using (or wanting to use) the PCSoft products and made BY developers using them... So we are talking about practical stuff, not theory, not marketing, OUR everyday work!
- WxDevCon has been around for some time now, and I was privileged to be the main speaker at the 2007 and 2009 editions, and also to intervene in the 2013 and 2014 editions...
- Of course, as usual, Marc Beaven and Tim Fishbeck, from Eidetik, are making sure that all the round pegs go into the round holes, and I've seen first hand that they are quite good at that.
- All details are available on the event web site: wxdevcon.com

During that conference, I will present my 'WXEDM' open source Electronic Document Management project -AND- offer 'OFF-STAGE' presentations during the whole 5 days. But first lets talk about WXEDM:
- WXEDM is an Open Source Electronic Document Management software.
- WXEDM is written in WinDev (mostly by me).
- WXEDM is based on WXReplication, which means that it is able to use replication to disseminate and backup the documents.
- WXEDM will include the use of txTextControl to allow 'in-house' editing of word document, and the use of gembox document to demonstrate document manipulation.
- WXEDM will also demonstrate how to integrate all your documents INSIDE the DB (in blobs), without any speed penalty, and with a really secure user access management
To have all the details, please consult the differents articles already available here.
I will develop this system between now and the conference and post it on my web site step by step.
During the conference, I will go over all the salient points of the system, except of course the replication details that have already been exposed last year.

Now, about the off-stage presentations:
- Several previous attendees complained that there was no choice in the presentations they were offered, no alternate program. My off-stage presentations are here to solve that.
- Off-stage session will be possible any time I do not present on the main stage, ie Monday and Tuesday (whole days) and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.
- The timing and subject of each off-stage session will be decided by YOU (ie the attendees), before the conference starts. You will have the choice between any of the courses I have previously presented, an original new course about "How to use your cellphone to remote control a WinDev application", or some free format “explore together” sessions (more details available on the dedicated off-stage sessions page). 
- Only REGISTERED attendees will be able to vote for a course content and timing
- I will manage this vote on a dedicated page on this web site
- Of course, only people registered for the days of the presentation will be allowed to attend (ie if you select to register only for Wednesday through Friday, any off stage presentation done Monday and Tuesday will be off limit)
- Any material available for the course (like video course, sources, etc), will be available for free only to the people physically present at the presentation.
- Presentations will be done for as little as one attendee, but as they will occur in a secondary (ie smaller) room, there may be a MAXIMUM number of attendees for that reason, and because I will need to PREPARE those presentations, advanced registration is mandatory.

So come and join us, and register as soon as possible, so that you can vote on the off-stage presentation and get what YOU want.


And now, a little more details about the content of my presentation. I will be using WXEDM to show and tell many aspects of WX's development. The list below is a work in progress that I will complete more and more till the development is complete and all the courses written. So here we go:

  • General presentation of WXEDM and its functionalities
  • Using a .net assembly (Gembox Document) to manipulate Word documents without Word
  • Using an activeX (txTextControl) to -EDIT- Word documents directly in your application
  • Protecting your application from debuggers to enhance data security, using SoftProtect Antidebug. General presentation of data and application security.
  • How to manage an Internal help system to open your help to super users.
  • Full indexation of documents and records content by code. Comparison with built in functionallity.
  • Exact and Fuzzy search.