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How can you add a shortcut to a web page in your WinDev program Installation?

If you want to have a shortcut pointing to your web site (or your program online help) in your menu, along with the shortcut to your program, here is how to do it:
  • First, open Windows explorer in your application directory
  • In there, create a shortcut (right click>New>Shortcut) and enter the URL of the page you want your users to be able to access as the target and the name you want for the shortcut. You have now created a valid web  shortcut on your development machine. Now you need to install it on your customers' machines along with your program. For that:
  • In the installation editor, add the created shortcut file to your list of files to install (it will be visible in the list with a .url extension, even if this extension is not visible in Windows explorer)... That part allow your shortcut file to be installed. 
  • Once the file is added, select it in the list, and go on the shortcut tab of the details section. There, add the Label and group information. And this part will make the shortcut appear in your program group on the customers machine menu.

PS: If you want to change the icon for your shortcut (this option is possible when doing a right click/properties on the shortcut), you will have to be sure that you do NOT allow the user to change the installation directory. The reason? The link to your specific icon in the shortcut file is an absolute path (i.e. c:\program files\My program\My Icon.ico")... Therefore if the program is not installed in that directory, the link to the icon will be incorrect. And don't forget to also include this icon in your install list.